Manufacturer of compounds and polymer masterbatches with HIPRENE brand
Manufacturer of HIVINYL brand PVC additives

Fanavar Amize Pishrafte company

Advanced Mixed Technology Company was formed based on knowledge-based thinking and in 2014, it was awarded the knowledge-based award from the Vice President of Science and Technology.

The activities of this collection include the following two parts:
1- Production of compound, masterbatch, composite and polymer nanocomposites.
2- Production of PVC additives

This collection started in 2008 with about ten years of research and production experience in the polymer center with new and new attitudes and views on the world of polymers, especially their compounding and formulation.

Our Products

PVC Additives

Open innovation and research and development

Our company has based its organizational mission on the basis of knowledge-based thinking, and this made this company to receive the knowledge-based award from the Vice President of Science and Technology in 2013. It should be mentioned that this badge has been renewed several times after 8 years and currently our company is still proud as a knowledge-based industrial production unit. In 2016, due to the embargo of the country and the lack of import of raw materials to the country and the strong demand and need of customers to produce polymer raw materials and its additives inside the country, Hatik Polymer Company in the form of two new companies started research and development in relation to materials Polymerized…

Consulting in the field of setting up plastic production lines

The research and development and process team of this company has participated in purchasing, setting up and installing and providing technical knowledge of many industrial projects, some of which are as follows.

  • Installation and routing line film production Demshi in Shiraz
  • Installation and commissioning line production containers packaging vegetable in Semnan
  • Installation and commissioning line production compound and Masterbach in Tehran

Formulation consulting and after-sales service

Specialists of Polymer Mixture Technology Company have adopted a new method to sell their products based on the technical knowledge of their members, which consists of sending a technical team consisting of a polymer process specialist and a polymer material specialist to test the company’s manufactured products according to the equipment and tastes of the customer. and ready to deliver to the customer in the best possible condition.

Consultation on formulation production to more than 1000 polymer manufacturing companies

  • Pipe and fittings PP,PE,PVC
  • ABS, PVC, pp
  • sheets
  • PP, PE
  • films
  • Types of injection manufactured parts
  • Types of parts of medical and health equipment
  • Packaging containers
  • Profile, wall covering and edge band

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